We provide companies and institutions coaching and mediation services. Through workshops...



Mediation is an innovative method of conflict resolution: In an increasingly materialistic world, a necessity is essential...



Coaching is a transformational and deep process that aim to help individuals and groups identifying their needs on a personnel...



Zmediation is the creation of more than 10 years of expertise in the legal field and experience in the alternative...


Let me tell you a little story about me:

My name is Zeinab Jaafar and I am happy to share with you my path.

I have always loved to share my ideas with people. I chose to study law because I believed that this direction can help me change the world into a better one. However, experience taught me that if I can make myself a better person, I am already stepping further towards my dream. Life has challenged me many times and sometimes I was simply wondering if obstacles were sent to me just to stop me from achieving my goals.
I haven’t given up and the little voice inside me that I call the will pushed me to achieve further.
I have always studied and worked with passion and that is the secret behind my success. When I was struggling in some period to keep on going, I always imagined myself succeeding and this little tip was keeping me highly motivated.
Through my experience as a legal counsel, I learned that life makes more sense to me when I avoid confrontation and focus on positive communication. I wanted my values to be aligned with my work so I studied mediation and focused on the human approach in solving issues. My new experience taught me how important it is to listen understand and respect the other’s perception and connect with him/her through it.
I started to discover my passion to learn more about the emotional and mental aspects of the human being . Therefore ,I decided to go a step deeper in my practice and add the coaching tools to my growing toolkit.
This new path that I discovered haven’t stopped me from following my researches and work in the legal domain.
I simply decided to combine my skills.
Today I am proud to say that I have combined all my passions in one jar.
And I am ready to help you follow your dreams with passion and determination.
My biggest dream is to be able to serve you by sharing with you my knowledge and my experience.
My major goal is to help spreading the constructive communication in all life aspects and on all levels. This is how we can prevent conflicts and reduce litigation Cases.
I also like to share with you my little tips about how to manage your stress and how to avoid conflicts on an individual , familial social and professional level.


We provide companies, institutions and individuals coaching, mediation and legal services.

Our clients can be from all sectors: Banks, schools, universities, NGOs, hospitals, insurance, liberal professions…

Through workshops and or individual assistance, we help improving performance, increasing the positive communication, and resolving conflicts.

The techniques we use offer our clients, the tools necessary to establish a solid cohesion with their professional entourage in order to achieve the required objectives with better performance.


Mediation: We offer civil and commercial mediation services.

Coaching: We offer
Coaching for self-development and professional performance for individuals and entities.
Coaching for stress and conflict management.

Legal counselling: We offer legal services in many areas of law.

Workshops: We offer workshops in a big variety of subjects aiming to promote the constructive communication tools and the professional development skills. Our services can be customized and adjusted to the needs of our clients.