Hello Everyone
I am Zeinab Jaafar

I am happy to offer you through Zmediation a variety of valuable services related to coaching, mediation and consultancy.
My project is the outcome of a challenging and empowering journey that taught me how to:Risk forward,trust my idea and combine my skills.

I have been working as a legal counsel since more than 10 years in Lebanon and Belgium

During my professional journey, I discovered my passion for alternative dispute resolution processes so I followed this direction.

Since then, I have been focusing on the constructive communication tools to conclude disputes and come to settlements rather than go into litigations.

My belief is the importance of communication as a number one condition.

My approach is to combine my legal knowledge to the social and human aspects to advise guide and support individuals, managers and institutions throughout their challenging journey.

I am originally from Lebanon and have lived in Africa, Lebanon & Europe, which makes me the ideal person not only to speak the language of my clients but also to understand their culture.

My aim is to help people develop their personal and professional skills , higher their performance and manage their conflicts with the cheapest fastest and most efficient solution.

I hold a bachelor degree in law and a Master degree in international law from university of Saint-Joseph Lebanon (USJ). I have been awarded two medals for my distinguished results. Later on, to supplement my knowledge further I followed advanced courses in the European and International law (European information and communication, European and comparative discrimination law and Institutional law of the European Union) from the University of Antwerp.

I also got certified in business Mediation at b-Mediation Brussels and became an accredited mediator at the federal commission of mediation in Belgium.

I have also studied domestic and international arbitration at the university of Montpellier in France and got a Master 2 diploma (was ranked first for the session) Montpellier in France.

I am also an NLP coach

I am also certified as a Master coach from EIC (L'ECOLE INTERNATIONALE DE COACHING).

My Approach

As a lawyer I have always preferred the constructive communication between parties to help reach a better solution without litigation. Later on, when I discovered the alternative dispute resolution processes and more specifically the mediation, my path took a better direction.

Not only I could use mediation to replace litigation and arbitration but also, I have studied in depth the possibilities of combining mediation and arbitration to achieve faster cheaper and more efficient settlements.

Through my years of experience I have sensed the need of my personal and professional surrounding to be supported and guided to unlock their abilities in managing stress and conflicts so that they become more flexible and collaborative in finding solutions to their disputes.

This reality opened my eyes to the importance of the coaching activity and I decided therefore to extend my skills in the field and integrate the domain of this activity so I can deal directly with my clients on a deeper level and explore new ways of connections with them with the major intention to be able to facilitate the reduction of stress and the management of conflicts in a much efficient way.

My experience as a school mediator and as a president of the board in LFIA for years made me discover the necessity of introducing the positive communication principles in schools. Therefore I included in my services the school coaching process that will help the future generations higher their performance and make the right choices.

Some people choose to shift career . I chose to extend mine!

With more than one decade of legal counselling and a large experience in constructive communication, I finally built my own approach based on a smart combination of legal background, mediation skills and coaching practice.

As a mediator I guide companies and individuals to solve their conflicts and build long and solid relations with the cheapest and fastest proceeding.

As a coach I support them by providing the tools and methods they need to higher their academic and professional performance in an effective quick and short term way.

As a legal counsel I advise them and defend them in different areas of law.

Guiding supporting and advising are my focus.

Effective and quick solutions are my values.

My education:

Education and training:

  • Master in International Private Law, Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon
  • Master in Law, Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon.
  • Master 2 degree in domestic and international arbitration ,Montpellier university, France
  • European Information and communications law, Antwerp university
  • European and Comparative Discrimination Law, Antwerp university
  • Institutional Law of The European Union, Antwerp university,Belgium
  • Certification in business Mediation at b-Mediation Brussels
  • Mediator at the federal commission of mediation in Belgium.
  • Certified as a Master coach from EIC (L'ECOLE INTERNATIONALE DE COACHING).